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Lounge area
Client ask: Quirky, less serious
Product: Lounge Sofa Set
Description: Lounge in style with this quirky sofa set featuring lively colors and playful designs, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in communal spaces.
Collaboration Zone
Client ask: Serious undertone fostering innovation
Product: Desk and Lounger Sofa Set
Description: Innovative collaboration tables designed for classrooms, fostering teamwork and engagement with a sturdy build and modern aesthetics.
Al Fresco Dining
Description: Elevate your al fresco dining experience with our rustic outdoor chairs, crafted from solid wood for a perfect blend of natural aesthetics and comfortable seating, inviting guests to savor moments in the fresh air.
Nature-Inspired Dining
Description: Experience the charm of outdoor dining with our solid wood table, blending natural beauty with durability, creating a stylish oasis for unforgettable meals under the open sky.
Coffee Breaks, Quirk Style
Client ask: Quirky, Relax, No clutter
Product: Table and Chairs
Description: Spice up your coffee breaks with quirky coffee tables in the pantry, injecting a dose of personality and fostering a relaxed atmosphere.
Nature's Accent for Spa
Product: Rustic, Natural, Back to nature
Nature's Accent for Spa
Client ask: Rustic, Natural, Back to nature
Product: Long communal natural wood slab made rustic
Description: Embrace the serenity of your spa lounge with our natural solid wood side table, a subtle yet striking accent that complements the calming ambiance, offering a touch of nature-inspired elegance.
Dark theme for private bar
Client ask: Dark, mysterious and sophisticated
Description: Immerse yourself in a world of decadence at our drinks and cakes area with a dark theme. Our carefully curated furnishings blend deep tones with sophisticated design, creating a space where every sip and bite is savored in an ambiance of mysterious elegance.
Waiting area for Preschool

Building Little Libraries, One Stack at a Time

Client ask: Woody element that is safe and not easily moved yet relates to preschoolers.

Product: Stackable Solid Wood Book Shelves for Preschoolers

Waiting area for Preschool
Description: Cultivate a love for reading in preschoolers with our stackable solid wood bookshelves. Crafted for little hands and big imaginations, these shelves encourage organization and spark a lifelong journey into the world of stories and learning.
Clinic settings

Welcoming Wellness in Wood


Client ask: Mellow and calm
Product: Chairs and benches

Clinic settings
Description: Elevate your clinic reception with our modern solid wood seating solutions. From chairs to benches, our collection combines comfort and elegance, creating a welcoming atmosphere that complements the healing environment of your clinic.
Communal dining for Tech

Innovate and Collaborate in Style


Product: Solid Wood Table and Rattan Chairs
Description: Elevate your tech company's communal area with our solid wood table and rattan chairs. A harmonious blend of natural and modern elements, this setup fosters creativity and collaboration, providing a stylish and comfortable hub for your team to ideate and innovate.

Classrooms Fit-out

Inspire Young Minds


Client ask: Dynamic and Simple
Product: Desks and Soft padded Chairs
Description: Nurture creativity in classrooms with our desks and chairs designed to inspire young minds and create a comforting, positive and engaging learning environment.

Communal Dining in Harmony
Description: Create a welcoming communal eating area with our specially crafted chairs and round table set. The perfect blend of comfort and style fosters a warm atmosphere, inviting people to gather, share meals, and connect in the heart of your space.
Showcasing Artistry, Crafted in Wood
Description: Elevate your craft shop's aesthetic with our custom solid wood display cabinet. Meticulously designed, it not only showcases your artistic creations but also becomes a unique piece of craftsmanship, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your curated collection.